the summer is for fireflies

a series of movement and music pieces performed in public spaces


the project

Because we love Chicago. Because dancing is often more fun than peeling potatoes. Because the imagination sometimes needs a nudge to get out of bed. Because little graceful stunts are wonderful. Because public space ought to be used for public good. Because a song can maybe save your life. Because we think the cityscape could use a little shining. Because the Summer is for Fireflies.

Conceived and created by Fannie Hungerford and Joshua Dumas, these fireflies are an ongoing series of short (like under ten minutes) music / movement / street theatre pieces performed in public spaces, intended for any accidental onlooker. We hope to see you on the streets.

Oh also, WBEZ has produced a really nice story about last summer’s goings-on, specifically about our Birdfeeder piece. Please take a look and have a listen.