the summer is for fireflies

a series of movement and music pieces performed in public spaces

ode to the end of summer

a singing celebration of the seasons shifting

Saturday September 12th
Lincoln Square, Lincoln Park, Downtown

David Amaral, Eddie Bennett, Joshua Dumas, Jason Eckerson, Paul Fagen, Martha Hearn, Fannie Hungerford, Nicole Jeka, Jason Martin, Maren Robinson, Alyssa Sorresso.
Choreography by Fannie Hungerford, music by Joshua Dumas, Jason Eckerson.

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9/12, 2:00pm :: Lincoln/Leland (Lincoln Square fountain)

9/12, 3:00pm :: Stockton/Belden (Lincoln Park Conservatory)

9/12, 3:45pm :: Michigan/Monroe (Art Institute Sculpture Garden, North)

9/12, 4:00pm :: Michigan/Monroe (Crown Fountain, Millennium Park)

9/12, 4:20pm :: Michigan/Randolph (Wrigley Square, Millennium Park)

9/12, 4:40pm :: Michigan/Washington (Cloud Gate, Millennium Park)

9/12, 5:00pm :: Michigan/Madison (Entrance, Millennium Park)