the summer is for fireflies

a series of movement and music pieces performed in public spaces

crumpets at the old stump

furred and feathered friends gather for a party

Saturday June 27th // Tuesday June 30th

Daiva Bhandari, Joshua Dumas, Jason Eckerson, Jonathan Harper, Fannie Hungerford, Mike Oleon, Daisy Ortiz, Nicole Ripley, Maren Robinson, Jennifer Shook, Tara Smith, Alyssa Sorresso

David Amaral, Debbie Baer, Caffeine Theatre, carlsweets, Abe Mendoza

All photographs by Abe Mendoza
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6/27, 12:30pm; 6/30, 6:00pm :: Rush/Chestnut/Wabash

6/30, 6:20pm :: Michigan/River (Wrigley Building)

6/27, 1:30pm; 6/30, 7:00pm :: Michigan/Jackson (Art Institute Sculpture Garden, South)

6/27, 1:40pm; 6/30, 7:10pm :: Michigan/Monroe (Art Institute Sculpture Garden, North)

6/27, 1:50pm :: Michigan/Washington (Millenium Park)

6/27, 2:00pm :: Michigan/Lake(?) (some corner)