the summer is for fireflies

a series of movement and music pieces performed in public spaces

beat street bum rush

turn up the boombox for some street stomping flash dancing

Sunday May 24th, 2009 // Thursday May 28th, 2009
Downtown, Division, Damen

Patrick Andrews, Eddie Bennett, Kaitlin Byrd, Amber Cook, Monique Duran, Sheila Garg, Fannie Hungerford, Nicole Jeka, Charity Joy Robinson, Mike Oleon, Annika Seitz, Lisa Siciliano, Alyssa Sorresso. Music by Joshua Dumas.

All photographs by Daisy Ortiz.
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5/24, 1:00pm; 5/28, 6:00pm :: Michigan Ave, from Illinois to the river
5/24, 1:20pm; 5/28, 6:20pm :: Michigan Ave, from Madison to Monroe
5/24, 2:00pm; 5/28, 7:00pm :: Division Ave, from Damen to Winchester
5/24, 2:20pm; 5/28, 7:20pm :: Damen Ave, from Concord to North