the summer is for fireflies

a series of movement and music pieces performed in public spaces

department of streets and sanitation

their brooms whisk these street sweepers into a two-step

Saturday August 15th // Sunday August 16th

Joshua Bell, Lucy Carapetyan, Joshua Dumas, Jason Eckerson, Fannie Hungerford, Chelsea Keenan, Elizabeth Nelson, Maren Robinson, Jennifer Shook, Lauren Vitz.
Choreography by Fannie Hungerford, music by Joshua Bell, Joshua Dumas, Jason Eckerson.

(click maps to enlarge)

8/15, 2:45pm :: Michigan/Randolph (Wrigley Square, Millennium Park)

8/15, 3:15pm :: Michigan/Washington (Cloud Gate, Millennium Park)

8/15, 3:45pm :: Michigan/Washington (Entrance, Millennium Park)

8/15, 4:10pm :: Michigan/Jackson (Art Institute Sculpture Garden, South)

8/15, 4:40pm :: State/Van Buren (NW corner)

Please note, Sunday’s schedule is kinda inverted:
8/16, 1:00pm :: State/Van Buren (NW corner)
8/16, 1:40pm :: Michigan/Jackson (Art Institute Sculpture Garden, South)
8/16, 2:00pm :: Michigan/Washington (Cloud Gate, Millennium Park)
8/16, 2:30pm :: Michigan/Randolph (Wrigley Square, Millennium Park)
8/16, 3:00pm :: Michigan/Washington (Entrance, Millennium Park)