the summer is for fireflies

a series of movement and music pieces performed in public spaces

a bird feeder of fireflies

the joy of discovering flight

Sunday August 31st, 2008
Michigan Ave. // Lincoln Square

David Amaral, Katy Collins, Joshua Dumas, Sarah Goeden, Ami Saraiya

Abe Mendoza, Karl Rutherford, carlsweets
All photographs by Abe Mendoza
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(I don’t know what we did with pics of this first one, sorry!!)
1:00 :: Michigan/8th (Grant Park)

1:30 :: Michigan/Jackson (Art Institute Sculpture Garden (South))

2:00 :: Michigan/Monroe (Art Institute Sculpture Garden (North))

2:30 :: Michigan/Washington (Millenium Park)

4:00 :: Western/Lawrence

4:30 :: Lincoln/Leland (Lincoln Square fountain)